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Main Feedback


Karasev Nikolaj Expoeffect CEO
We express our sincere gratitude to WLD for developing the concept and creating the corporate website of Expoeffect ECA. We would particularly like to note the involvement and professional qualities demonstrated WLD in the course of the drafting process.
Lavrova Anna Uruk Cafe CEO
The chief executive Anna Lavrova and the chain of Uzbek restaurants "Uryuk-cafe" is grateful to WLD for the help in creating a website for our chain of restaurants.
Vadim Zhelnin Tabakprom Association CEO
I collaborated with WLD in the sphere of using Internet technologies when I headed the Association of Tobacco Product Manufacturers "Tabakprom". I appreciate greatly the professional qualification of WLD.
Kostyuk Ruslan Ecostone Сo-founder
On behalf of Ecostone company and myself, I express the gratitude for the development of an effective website of our trademark as well as for assistance in creating publicity pieces.
Lisovskaya Yuliya CEO CASA NOVA Interior Boutique
Thank you for the work done. Both of our websites are developed on time and at the highest quality level. Wish you all the best.
Chahmahchyan Ruben CEO Astir Holding
Thank you for the development of two websites of the “Astir” construction holding. Works are performed on time and at the highest quality level.
Lyudmila Sukacheva Head of Marketing and Advertising
The Water Company JSC and the entire team thank you for your professionalism. The "Slavyanovskaya116" website is exactly what we needed! Thanks you! We look forward to further cooperation!
Evgenij Koncevich Founder Communications Officer WARP
We have been working with WLD for the last 2 years and very pleased with the professional approach and service level. We have already implemented about 10 joint projects and in each of them WLD was the best in terms of the design and technical implementation.
Zyatina Nadezhda Manager cafe Urozhay
Thank you for the professional work done on time and the rapidly changes. I hope to continue fruitful cooperation.
Mariya Lysenkova Old Estate Hotel Manager
The Old Estate Hotel & Spa thanks WLD for the excellent result of the joint work. The WLD team fully justified the confidence and fulfilled all the wishes of the client taking into account the rough deadlines
Vyacheslav Bondaruk CEO Ruby Droids Project
I want to note the high level of professionalism in working with WLD on joint projects and tasks. WLD stands out from the rest due to the sufficiently carefully, responsible and extremely prudent approach to the implementation of web projects. Wish you all the best.
Nataliya Kravcova Head of Public Relations of Racurs
We thank WLD for the cooperation. The work performed always corresponds to the declared quality and deadlines. We look forward to further cooperation.
Maria Maslennikova The design of the environment, objects, interiors
I have been cooperating with WLD for a long time. They have very important working qualities including accurate understanding for development of the task, high reliability and competence, careful attitude to specified time frames. Thanks for the work done.
Milyutina Alla Executive Director Planeta Taxi
The management of the “Planet Taxi” company expresses gratitude to WLD for the high professional qualities and creativity demonstrated in the work on our company’s website.
Sokolova Elizaveta CEO SokolovaBogorodskaya
Creating a website for the fashion brand sokolovaBogorodskaya required a special understanding between creators of the website and designers of the brand. The task was not so difficult solely due to the approach of WLD to work.
Fedorova Irina CEO Lune De Miel
I express my sincere gratitude to WLD for the invaluable contribution to the development of the “Lune De Mie” wedding dress boutique. The awesome website was created thanks to the efforts and professionalism of WLD.
Olesya Lavrova Triumph Head of marketing department
We are truly satisfied with the results of cooperation with WLD. Works are performed within a specified short time period. I would like to note the professionalism and involvement of employees their ability to just follow the task. Thanks for the work done.
All posts correspond to the date of receipt of feedback.