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16 Bootstrap Carousels with video demonstartion

Collection of free Bootstrap carousel code examples: responsive, custom, with multiple items, with thumbnails, etc.

6 Must-Use Tools for Front-End Development

The internet has a lot of tools developed by the community to ease our lives as front-end devs. Here is a list of my favourite go-to tools that have personally helped me with my work.

Speech by Andrei Ginger at a leading Russian branding agency DEPOT WPF

On March 5, 2020, managing partner of the WhiteLabelDevelopers company Andrey Ginger spoke at the leading Russian branding agency Depot WPF with an open lecture about features of color description in desktop publishing systems.

Atlassian Remote Summit 2020

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has continued to evolve around the world, Atlassian has been actively assessing the risk and impact on a daily basis and monitoring guidance from public health authorities.

Speech by Andrei Ginger on air

The live conversation about web studios, website building, and Bitrix developers. The company specializes in increasing the speed of ready websites loading.

Atlassians 5 tips for ramping up on remote work in a hurry

If you think of it in terms of Tuckman’s stages of team development, suddenly shifting to remote en masse throws your team into “storming” mode. Confusion and frustration abound, and everything feels twice as hard as it should.

Why I no longer use D3.js

Every time I work on a project with visualisations, project managers usually react in horror when I say I’m not using D3. Why is there concern? Why would I choose to not use D3?

Russia has blocked Digital Ocean

Today in the unloading day (a list of domains and IP addresses given by Roskomnadzor to providers, access to which should be limited in the territory of the Russian Federation), the addresses of all three DNS servers of the popular DigitalOcean hoster appeared.

9 Popular GitHub Repos For Every Web Developer

GitHub is the one-stop-shop for everything related to (web) development these days. Frameworks, demos, collections of all sorts — there’s probably nothing you cannot find on GitHub.

Mobile App Development: Flutter Setting The Trend In 2020

The launch of Flutter came a few years ago, but this incredible toolkit for developing different platforms by Google has come a long way since then. This robust and functional mobile user interface framework that helps develop Android and iOS applications

More Lodash Features that are Available in Plain JavaScript

In recent years, new features in JavaScript have been rolling out at a rapid pace. The deficiencies that are filled in by other libraries before have become built-in features of plain JavaScript.

Laravel 6.17.0 Released

The Laravel team released v6.17.0 this week with private-encrypted pusher channels and a new permission configuration for the file cache store.