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Angular, React, Vue: JavaScript frameworks compared

Modern data-binding JavaScript frameworks have revolutionized web interface architecture. This article compares three of the best.

How Product Manager Can Help Reduce Technical Debt

Learn 7 actionable strategies that will help you prevent and respond to technical debt.

Angular 12 arrives with pile of improvements

Upgrade of Google’s TypeScript-based web framework brings enhancements to performance, the compiler, form validation, the language service, and much more.

Integrate Google Maps in Angular Application

Integrating Google Maps into any web application is a very common feature. Google already provides Map API for integrating it into the web application.

Building a JavaScript Radar Chart

Radar charts, which are also referred to as spider charts or radar plots, are a data visualization used to compare observations with multiple quantitative variables. Each variable is encoded to a spoke which are equidistant apart.

An Ultimate Guide to DevOps

This article explains what the strategy DevOps is, how it works, and what difficulties it can fix in relation to IT business needs.

Useful Git Commands You Can Use Every Day

This is the aggregation of my daily used Git commands. I will continue adding them as I find other useful ones.

Why I Prefer Flutter Over React Native for App Development

One dev takes a look at the Flutter and React Native frameworks for cross-platform development and why he prefers to work in Flutter when creating applications.

Creating a NodeJS Push Notification System with Service Workers

When I started Fjolt I was quickly faced with the conundrum of how to notify users when a new article is published. Most importantly, I wanted to do all of this without depending on a third party service. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use web notifications.

How to Create an Automated Sitemap With Node.js

Site maps are a very important aspect of SEO optimization. Google and other search engines can use a sitemap to figure out where all your pages are and how they link together. In this tutorial we will be creating an automated site map with Node.JS and Express.

7 Best JotForm Alternatives to Use in 2021

JotForm application is an incredible form creation tool for mobile users. However, it does have a few setbacks. Take a look at some of the top alternatives.

10 Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

Here are 10 reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework that integrates agility in web development and high levels of flexibility.