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Main Portfolio Geriatrix: encyclopedia of computer components and software

Geriatrix: encyclopedia of computer components and software

Geriatrix: encyclopedia of computer components and software


A European customer contacted us to carry out the design and development of the project design. Geriatrix is a unique project, an encyclopedia of components and software.

This is a huge directory of video cards, motherboards, network cards, controllers, hard drives and more. There is also a software catalog with a classifier.

Device documentation catalog

Each device is accompanied by documentation. For this, a separate section has been made with classified documentation, which is associated with the encyclopedia.

Banner system

The encyclopedia is accompanied by a banner system with several types of banners, differing in size and placement conditions. A life cycle and scenario have been developed for each of them.

News content

The project contains a section with reviews of software and components, as well as a thematic news section and a blog.


Backend framework

Based on the content of the resource and the expected load, we decided that a PHP framework is a good solution that will provide not only speed of work, but also operational development.

We chose Laravel because, compared to Symfony, it is easier to document and more developers. We are a Symphony framework, but for this project we preferred Laravel 7th version.

Data import

It is necessary to import a lot of data from different sources, so we provided a parser.


Public frontend

As a frontend, we were satisfied with Vue.js, which is able not only to provide prompt output of content, but also perfectly interacts with Laravel. Interaction with the backend is done using the API. An important role is given to "native" JavaScript instead of jQuery.


We chose Semantic UI for the interface. This allows us to develop the interface in accordance with the high standards adopted by our team. First of all, this is the speed of the project, without which conversion and profitability are impossible.

Completed work


A stack has been developed: front technologies, backing technologies. The customer was provided with several options with different implementation times and budgets.

Design development

Based on the selected stack, sketches of the main front-end templates were developed in Figma and combined into an interactive prototype.

Musical accompaniment

♬ The Lust Killer by John 5
♬ Beat It by John 5
♬ Killafornia by John 5
♬ The Castle by John 5
♬ The Hill of the Seven Jackals by John 5
♬ Noche Acosador by John 5
♬ The Lie You Live by John 5
♬ Crank It - Living With Ghosts by John 5
♬ Cactus Flower by John 5
♬ I Want It All by John 5
♬ I Am John 5 by John 5
♬ Dead Art in Plainfield by John 5
♬ Black Widow of La Porte by John 5

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