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What is deepstream.io?

Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps with JSON structures that can be read, manipulated and listened to, messages that can be sent to one or more subscribers, and request response workflows, between two clients or servers.

Why deepstream?

Deepstream allows clients and backend-services to sync data, send events and more with a heavy focus on security. Configure everything server side without writing a line of code while still connecting to your favorite cache, database, message bus and more.


realtime document sync

Interactive JSON documents that can be edited and observed. Changes are persisted and synced across clients and saved in cache/storage.


publish-subscribe messaging

Many clients can subscribe to topics and receive data whenever other clients publish it to the same topic.


request-response workflows

Clients can register functions to be called by other clients. deepstream will smartly route requests and responses.


monitoring who is online

Query deepstream for online users and subscribe to login/logout events.


reactive subscriptions

Let your services be told whenever a new topic is subscribed to, letting you serve realtime data on demand.


authorize everything

Authenticate and permission everything from the user down to each message.

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