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Main Blog Speech by Andrei Ginger on air Loading.express

Speech by Andrei Ginger on air Loading.express

Speech by Andrei Ginger on air Loading.express

The live conversation about web studios, website building, and Bitrix developers. Loading.express The company specializes in increasing the speed of ready websites loading.


Anton Belogorodtsev

Loading.express Since 2002, Anton has been a leader and developer. He has excellent knowledge and practical experience of using PHP, and JS. He works with popular and high-tech frameworks, constantly learning something new in the programming sphere. During the working period, Anton has assembled a development team and is constantly growing new stars at the Innovation-WEB company.

Alexey Makhmetkhazhiev

Loading.express. Aleksey started as a [SEO](/ seo) expert, now he is a marketer since 2007. He succeeded in getting traffic from search engines, and went further in development along the path of analytics maturity, because when you got a ton of visitors to a website, you need to convert them into buyers! Over the entire period of work, Alexey has helped more than 1,100 projects in eight countries, and this is only the beginning.

Andrey Ginger

Whitelabeldevelopers Managing partner. Web development project manager having more than 10-year experience. He is the founder of the course "Graphic Design Software" of the British Higher School of Design.

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