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Main Blog Russia has blocked Digital Ocean

Russia has blocked Digital Ocean

Russia has blocked Digital Ocean

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Today in the unloading day (a list of domains and IP addresses given by Roskomnadzor to providers, access to which should be limited in the territory of the Russian Federation), the addresses of all three DNS servers of the popular DigitalOcean hoster appeared.

Access to addresses, and, into which servers ns1, ns2 and ns3 are resolved, is blocked. The notorious “rubber” decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office 27-31-2018 / Id2971-18 on the basis of which Roskomnadzor has unlawfully blocked millions of IP addresses in recent years, regarding them as Telegram’s “mirrors”, has been indicated as the basis.

Owners of domains using DNS DigitalOcean should be prepared for the fact that their resource is either unavailable from Russia or will cease to be available in the next few hours by providers who do not ignore locks related to Cloudflare (some providers do not block CF, gaining an advantage over scrupulous providers of locks - subscribers are willing to switch to a provider with “everything works”).